Dedicated Management

Within AAMIL, the Asset Management team provides dedicated management services designed with the aim to offer a seamless experience to clients who seek customised portfolio management services based on investment directives specific to them. With the support of our in-house expertise and a network of highly regarded international partners, we propose a wide array of services.

Our core services include:

  • Bank and custodian accounts opening;
  • Management of clients funds;
  • Investment monitoring;
  • Liaising with brokers and custodians for placement and settlement of orders;
  • Preparation of portfolio valuations of assets under management;
  • Preparation of shareholders statements.

At AAMIL we nurture a relationship based on mutual understanding with all our clients and are attentive to their specific needs. In addition to the above, we guide them and tailor solutions based on a management philosophy of optimum returns with the ultimate objective to preserve and grow each client’s portfolio of assets.

Structured Products

At AAMIL we combine our expertise and knowledge of various products and services to advise on the appropriate structures for investment and products that suit clients’  requirements with the ultimate objective of securing their investments and generating interesting returns.

We offer the following solutions for structuring investments:

  • Trust Service;
  • Foundations;
  • GBL1 Companies;
  • GBL 2 Companies;
  • Domestic Companies;
  • IBCs;
  • Protected Cell Companies (PCC).

We advise on the optimum investment strategies based on existing market opportunities whilst minimising costs and allowing the free flow of funds within the prescribed legal and regulatory framework. We always bear in mind the ultimate aim of achieving capital growth and maximising returns while preserving the initial capital invested.

Investment Funds

AAMIL offers a wide range of expertise in the setting up, structuring, accounting and administration of investment funds. We advise on the most optimum structure in order to suit each client’s needs while ensuring adherence to regulatory and licensing requirements.

Our core services include:

  • Corporate services;
  • Compliance services;
  • Accounting services;
  • Administrative services.

In Mauritius, Investment Funds are regulated by the Securities Act 2005 (The Act) and the Securities (Collective Investment Schemes and Closed-End Funds) Regulations 2008 (the Securities Regulations).

Investment Funds can be classified under two broad categories:

  • Open-ended funds also known as Collective Investment Schemes (CIS);
  • Closed-end funds (CEF).

For more details, please refer to the sections below

  • Collective Investment Schemes (CIS);
  • Closed-end funds (CEF);
  • PCC;
  • Taxation.

AAMIL Mauritius Fund

NAV: MUR 8.05

The AAMIL Maurtius Fund is an open-ended Scheme, established as a Unit trust and was authorised by the Commission under Part VIII of The Securities Act 2005 (“The Acta”) as amended and established by a Trust Deed dated 26 November 2009 between AAMIL Asset Management Ltd (“The Manager”) and AAMIL Trustees Ltd (“The Trustee”).

Fund Manager:

AAMIL Asset Management Ltd, Suite 350 Barkly Wharf, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius.


The overall objective of the AAMIL Mauritius Fund is to generate regular income in the form of dividend whilst achieving capital growth over the medium and long term. Thus the Manager endeavours to diversify the assets of the Fund by acquiring investments in various sectors of the economy of the Mauritian Market in view of attaining the above stated Investment Objective. AAMIL Mauritius Fund will invest 100% of its assets in financial instruments (shares and bonds) of Mauritian companies or in cash instruments. The Manager will:

  • Ensure that investments are in all respect reasonable and proper;
  • Exercise high standard of diligence and act prudently and with utmost good faith;
  • Seek proper and competent advice whenever deemed necessary.

The Manager will invest in a mix of assets, including domestic securities.The safekeeping of those assets will be assured by The Mauritius Commercial Bank Custody acting as custodian.


Investment strategy and certain key investment decisions shall be made by the Investment Committee. Its determination will be made with reference to the overall objectives of the Asset as a whole, available investment opportunities and instruments on the market, cash flow availability and the need for diversification for a well-balanced Asset.

Asset Asset Percentage of Net Asset Value
Min (%) Max (%)
Listed Equities 10 90
DEM Market 0 20
Fixed Income Securities 0 50
Cash/Short Term Instruments 10 70
Banking and Leasing Deposits 0 50
Government & Bank of Mauritius Securities 0 50

Applicable Fees and Charges All fees and expenses relating to the establishment of the Fund, including marketing expenses in connection with the promotion of the Fund will be borne by the Fund. The fiscal and purchase/sale charges as well as the fees of the advisers to the Fund will be borne by the Fund. Value Added Tax (if any) on fees payable to the Manager and the Custodian will be borne by the Fund.

Entry fee 1%
Exit fee 1%
Management fee 1% p.a.
Trustee fees 0.2% p.a.
Custodian fees 0.2% p.a.
Registrar fees 0.25% p.a.

How to Invest? You should complete and sign the appropriate Application Form and provide us with the documents to be submitted together with your remittance.

For more information, please feel free to contact us


With an extensive international network and multiple partnerships, AAMIL can assist its clients in investment analysis and decision-making.

Investment in Mauritius

Mauritius has the advantage of having a flexible and modern legislatory framework in place to facilitate investments. It is also a low tax jurisdiction with an investor-friendly environment to encourage both local and foreign companies to set up a business. Minimum capital requirement is needed and, generally, licenses are issued within a reasonable timeframe. The associated costs are very affordable and competitive compared to other jurisdictions.

What we offer

  • We can advise you in establishing the best structure for your business and assist you in attaining regulatory approval for your business;
  • We can review your documentation to ensure compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations;
  • We offer tax advice and compliance;
  • We can act as an interface between you and other promoters. For example, we have a well-established network with real estate promoters and can assist you with acquisitions and/or sales;
  • We are a one-stop shop service provider and can assist you with company set-up, administration, accounting, payroll, HR services and asset management among others, all at a very affordable price.

All of our collaborators are very approachable and will be more than happy to assist you in setting up your business.

For more information, please feel free to contact us


AAMIL offers professional courses on the following topics:

  • Aspects of international taxation ;
  • International tax planning and structuring ;
  • Incorporation and administration of offshore companies ;
  • Formation of trusts and foundations ;
  • Compliance and anti-money laundering ;
  • The future of offshore and of International Financial Centres; and
  • Residency and relocation of individuals and businesses.

What you can expect from our Courses

AAMIL believes that a flexible tailor-made approach ensures best results. This is why we ensure that our courses provide cohesive understanding and seek to offer core knowledge as well as practical insight. Our courses are delivered by international experts with an extensive knowledge in their respective field of expertise, namely taxation, company law, commercial law, trusts, compliance and anti-money laundering.

For more information, please feel free to contact us

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